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News.bharatart.com is a multi authored News website. We provides you latest scoop on Art, Dance, Music, Drama and other arts Events & everything from India. We scan India for news and bring to you only the best of News.

Art & Culture

In India religion is a way of life being an integral part of Indian tradition. Many dances, theatrics and folklore are religious and based on Indian mythology and folk legends. Artform.bharatart.com click and known more.
This event going to be an artistic confluence and welcoming artists from all over the country comprises; singing, painting, dance, acting, modelling. This is a forum where each and every art form will get an expression even unchosen artists will be considered and given exposure on all networking sites. This event more than a festival contains biggest prizes along with plethora of works as a bonanza for the artists, which shall be given them according to their choices so that they could pursue their creative impulses with ease in which they hardly are. The aim of this event is to make u secure while doing what your heart sings... more detail...