About BharatArt

BharatArt is inspired by Digital India and Make In India project. BharatArt was established in Chandigarh in 2008. It was an Idea by seeing the disrespect of an artist and Indian art which is fighting for its existence. It is a Idea to reform Indian Art and Handicrafts by our skilled research and development team so that they can get platform which is required to express their talent globally so that they can get respect as well as fame. Which is deseeded by the talented artist. Our team is dedicated towards art and all king of artist, so that they can fulfill their dreams and live their passion by their spectular talent. BharatArt aims to provide art lovers and art seekers access to unique, hidden talent that only the Internet can allow.

Where did this idea come from?

During the job of a journalist, living in many cities of the country and being known for his hobbies, he was known in all parts of the country. There was also the culture to see nearby. Outwardly, the dazzle of the world of art is visible to everyone but being a reporter, we get an opportunity to see the world behind the scenes. I saw most of the artists' hard work took the middleman. The artist who is an artist is a very small part because they do not know how to fix their own worth.

Our Goal

BharatArt is different because we seek to change lives. We want to provide the artist and the art lover and art seeker with an alternative. We are highly motivated by the idea that what we are doing is, helping to change people's lives and bring disconnected artists and art lovers together. Our aim is to reach out to artists everywhere and provide them, a platform to showcase their talent. In today's world it is either an accident or infinitely laborious task to become famous even if one has great talent. BharatArt is an attempt to discover their talent, nurture it by arranging proper training and publish their quality work. BharatArt aims to cover the entire range of arts and artistes and be known for being the most prestigious place for artistes, original art pieces and buyers/lovers of art.