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BharatArt has everything you need to become a STAR.

One Platform

India has prepared a platform for artists and art lovers. By now you will be connected to different websites and services according to your art field. Who inform you about the activities of your area. But our service is different from all those people. See how, there is just like you all. They can support you in learning but they also have to move forward in your own area, then they will use good opportunities for themselves and not for you. Our technique is different from them. Here people of different streams are in one place. Such as acting, painting, dancing, sculpture, handicraft etc. So here you are getting people in your area. Together people from diverse areas who can become your real seekers too.

National level Helpdesk

Most of the artists wander from their goals in the absence of information. Sometimes they run behind the glamor, sometimes behind the money, and then behind the successful ones. Many times, the artists start running behind the brokers, that they will get a shortcut. While in reality, they themselves are robbed. If those artists get proper guidance on time, then they can go on the path of progress and write a new recitation. Keeping this in mind, we are conducting the IndiaArt national level helpdesk to overcome the problems and conflicts of artists. Thereby, artists can find solutions to their area problems. You can also contact by email, WhatsApp, Facebook and call to solve your problems or problems. Experienced people from our team will contact you for your guidance and also resolve it.

Presence on the Internet

The power of the Internet can not be ignored today's date. So, when we have to bring our art in front of the people then this media must be used first. Because this is not possible from any media in the current round of easy and cheap access. Keeping this in mind, we will do our best to ensure your presence on all the online platforms. Trying to reach your talent through online listings, portfolio, website and social media. By which the artists of our country can perform their art at the international level, not only at national level, but also at the international level.

Training and Workshop

Training system for the development and quality of products. We will do every possible collaboration of artists in the production of painting and handicrafts under the India Art brand. They will present their artworks made in the India-based market. IndiaArt will give you a standard. It is a matter of great pleasure if you are able to work in accordance with that standard. Yes, if you want to work but you are not able to do the standard, then we will prepare you through training and workshops. By creating high quality artworks. So that we can meet the expectations of our customers.

Economic Solution

We know that art can not be built just on the strength of encouragement. Because just does not fill the stomach with encouragement. We need money to live a life and to secure the future. We saw this closely and felt that most of the artists in the country are dependent on other means for life. Therefore, a considerable part of their precious time is spent in those tasks which are getting their needs fulfilled. In the surviving time, he could not reach his art to those highs he had dreamed of. He will also make every effort to meet these needs of our team. We will endeavor to involve the government, private establishments and the public to resolve economic barriers. An attempt will also be made to give information about plans available from the country and the state. By taking advantage of that you can achieve the highlights of your area.


Bharat Art is engaged in an effort to provide a buzzing market for artists. From time to time, we have been providing space and facilities to the artists associated with them in craft fairs. We have also been promoting artists and their products on the Internet. Which is the preparation to do at a broader level. Now we are engaged in this mission that any artist associated with us can get the full right of our talent. He did not need to do any other work to earn a living. India will endeavor to sell all the arts related products through internet and portals. Efforts to ensure sales through stall and India Art Craft Hot in craft fairs will continue. We are also pursuing a network of stores across the country. As a result, more and more artists can be promoted.